I-601 Waiver Program – Overview

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In the past, illegal aliens who married United States citizens had to return to their home countries and wait for visa approval — sometimes for years. Now, people who are married to U.S. citizens can file an I-601 waiver, which can significantly shorten the visa approval process. At Taylor Lee & Associates LLC, our attorneys have helped hundreds of people obtain legal status through the I-601 waiver program.

Benefits Of The New I-601 Waivers

The benefits of I-601 waivers include:

  • Shorter wait times. By filing an I-601 waiver, you may be able to obtain a visa in a matter of days, not months or years. The faster process means you will have to spend far less time separated from your spouse and family.
  • Avoiding hardship. Separation can create extreme hardship for you and your spouse. Avoiding extended separation can spare you and your family from experiencing hardships related to health, finances or any other issue.

Our attorneys can help you understand the requirements for I-601 waivers. We can also guide you through consular processing. The process can be long and difficult, but you do not need to go through it alone. We have been serving Atlanta's immigrant community since 2002. Our lawyers understand that the thought of being separated from your spouse can cause anxiety. We are dedicated to providing the support you and your family need to get through the process.

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