Consular Processing

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Taylor Lee & Associates LLC is committed to citizens, permanent residents and United States-based employers looking to sponsor foreign nationals from Mexico, Central America and worldwide who are seeking a green card. At our Norcross immigration law practice, we combine experience and knowledge of immigration laws to help with consular processing.

Consular Processing And How It Helps Immigrants Become Permanent Residents

Consular processing is one of two pathways — the other being adjustment of status (AOS) — to a green card that allows a person to permanently live in the United State, work any type of job, and receive protection under federal, state and local laws. Generally faster than AOS, a family member or employer applies a petition at an overseas consulate on behalf of the beneficiary.

The process starts by determining an appropriate immigrant category. Once a petition is approved and visa numbers are available, an application is filed. Applying for the immigrant visa is made through the National Visa Center or a consular office in their country of origin or permanent residence.

Consular processing can also be used for permanent residents seeking refugee or asylum status or other special provisions.

At Taylor Lee & Associates LLC, we know how important the issues are when pursuing consular processing for an employee or a loved one. With attention to every detail, we take on immigration cases where the stakes are high. We attend to every detail and adhere to all deadlines to ensure a successful outcome.

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