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Immigration law presents challenges for the most seasoned of legal counsel. Dealing with bureaucracies that have strict deadlines, yet lengthy timetables, requires patience, dedication and diligence. Our attorneys stand by our clients throughout the entire process to overcome any obstacles they face.

Resolving problems that reunite our clients with their spouses makes a complex and time-consuming process worthwhile.

Dedicated To Bringing Couples Back Together Through A K-3 Spouse Visa

Few aspects of our legal practice are more rewarding than bringing family members into the United States and under one roof. The family-based immigration law practice at Taylor Lee & Associates LLC serves the Metro Atlanta area and northern Georgia. We can not only help obtain visas or green cards for your spouse, but also address problems that threaten a family member's immigrant status or ability to enter the country.

In many cases at our firm, visas are meant to reduce the time apart between foreign citizen and U.S. citizen spouses. The K-3 visa provides the option to secure a nonimmigrant visa in the country where the marriage took place. From there, they enter the United States and await approval of their petition. Filed by the U.S./citizen spouse, certain requirements must be met for approval.

Immigration Lawyers Overcoming The Challenges On Your Behalf

Issues that are important to you are also important to us. Our attorneys and staff will do everything possible to reunite you with your spouse and protect their immigration status. Contact our Atlanta family-based immigration attorneys by calling 770-441-4807 or 800-440-7601. You can also email our law firm. Hablamos español.