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U.S. immigration laws are strict and confusing. Violating these rules can prevent a person from getting a visa, green card or citizenship. Some immigration violations can result in deportation and even lifetime banishment from the United States.

Taylor Lee & Associates LLC represents noncitizens who are in trouble with the U.S. government because of alleged immigration violations. We will fight to avoid removal (deportation) or to limit the impact on your immigrant status. Our immigration law practice has represented the immigrant community in Atlanta and northern Georgia since 2002.

Unlawful Immigration Status And Deportable Offenses

Most immigration violations are civil, not criminal, so they are not punished by jail or prison time. But violating immigration laws can result in removal from the United States or make it difficult to obtain visas, extensions, waivers or adjustment of status.

Our experienced lawyers can address all issues relating to immigration status or violations of immigration regulations:

  • Illegal entry
  • Inadmissible alien
  • Unlawful presence (expired visa)
  • Unlawful re-entry (after deportation or voluntary removal)
  • Working without a green card or work authorization
  • Immigration fraud (false ID or fake immigration papers)
  • Marriage fraud
  • Smuggling

We have experience in U.S. Immigration Court and in immigration appeals, and we represent noncitizens facing removal proceedings. We can help if you are out of status, or if you are being investigated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Talk To Our Lawyers Before It's Too Late

It is important to get solid legal advice about any immigration-related matter, especially if it might lead to being deported. Please call our Atlanta immigration violation attorneys at 770-441-4807 or 800-440-7601 or email us. Hablamos español.