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Asylum For Victims Of Crimes Or Domestic Abuse

U.S. immigration law grants special protection to certain victims of crimes, including adults and children who have been sexually exploited and non-citizens who have been battered or abused by their American citizen spouses or family members.

Taylor Lee & Associates LLC can help non-citizens obtain asylum through the U visa or VAWA visa. Once protected from the abusive person, we can assist clients in obtaining a green card and eventually pursuing citizenship. Our law firm serves the immigrant community of Metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

U Visa And T Visa — Victims Of Human Trafficking And Other Crimes

The U visa is granted to victims of certain crimes or key witnesses who cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators. This includes protection for victims of prostitution and human trafficking (T visa), and people who have experienced or witnessed other crimes such as murder, torture, rape or sexual assault, female genital mutilation, domestic violence or sexual exploitation.

Many immigrants do not report crimes or talk to police because they fear being arrested or deported or because they fear retaliation by the criminals. The U visa provides protection from criminal prosecution and removal proceedings (deportation) in exchange for information or testimony.

VAWA Visa — Immigrant Victims Of Domestic Violence

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides protection to noncitizen women and children (and men) who have been abused by a family member who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Our attorneys help battered spouses, children and parents find shelter and take legal action to escape an abusive relationship.

The abusers often threaten more physical violence or threaten to have the spouse and children deported. A VAWA visa protects victims from removal regardless of immigration status. To protect victims, abusers are not notified when the VAWA petition is filed.

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