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The United States government provides protection to certain foreign nationals who have been persecuted, abused or victimized, or who would likely be targeted if they returned to their home country. The person requesting asylum may seek permission to enter the U.S. or may already be here on a visa or green card.

The law firm of Taylor Lee & Associates LLC has helped hundreds of adults and minors obtain asylum and other forms of protection. Immigration law is our primary focus. Our experienced lawyers counsel U.S. citizens and permanent residents in the Atlanta area and statewide Georgia who are seeking asylum on behalf of a family member, as well as noncitizen asylum seekers who contact us directly.

Petitions For Asylum, Waivers And Special Status

"Asylum" can refer to different programs and protections available through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

  • Asylum from persecution — Individuals who have suffered persecution or fear they will be persecuted on the basis of race, religion, nationality or ethnic group, political affiliation or membership in a particular social group can request to enter the U.S. or stay in the U.S. on a permanent basis.
  • Victims of domestic violence (VAWA) — The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) gives asylum to spouses (men or women), children and parents who have suffered domestic abuse by a U.S. citizen or green card holder.

  • Victims of crimes — The U visa provides asylum to victims of human trafficking and other crime victims or witnesses who agree to assist the prosecution.

Special Protection From Removal

The USCIS can grant the equivalent of asylum to certain children and adults if deportation would lead to victimization or other hardships:

  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS) — This short-term or indefinite stay of removal may be granted when there is war, natural disaster or other unrest in the home county.
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) — Noncitizen children who were abandoned or abused by their immigrant parents may qualify for a SIJ status to stay in the U.S.

  • Special needs children and parents — Parents of children with certain severe disabilities or diseases may be protected from deportation.

  • Childhood arrivals (DACA) — Undocumented adults who entered the U.S. as children are shielded indefinitely from removal under the DREAM Act's Deferred Action.

We Can Help — That's Why We Are Here

Asylum allows the person to live in the U.S. as long as he or she is in danger of harm. The person can also seek asylum for a spouse and unmarried children under age 21. Those who are granted asylum or related relief can either work immediately or apply for a green card.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable about the law and the legal process. We know how to overcome barriers to asylum such as criminal convictions, illegal entry or other "inadmissibility."

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