Real Help With Your Immigration Issues

Since 2002, Taylor Lee & Associates LLC has provided legal counsel to Atlanta's immigrant community. We understand the challenges that you face. Our firm is dedicated to offering support to you during difficult situations.

Our firm provides help with many different issues, including:

  • Family-based visas: Learn about sponsoring family members to come to the U.S. We also handle many special immigrant juvenile status cases.
  • Business-based visas: From H-1B visas to investor visas, our attorneys can provide the assistance you require.
  • Deportation defense: Don't let a criminal charge or other issues threaten your American Dream. We can fight against the removal proceedings.
  • Green cards/adjustment of status: Our law firm has helped countless people obtain permanent legal residency status ("green cards") in the U.S.
  • Naturalization and citizenship: Our attorneys can guide you down the path to becoming a United States citizen. We can also represent you in USCIS proceedings of all types.
  • Asylum requests: If you are fleeing persecution in your home country, let us help you request asylum here.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): We have helped more than 1,500 young people file DACA applications.
  • Immigration reform: Immigration reform is here. Taylor Lee & Associates LLC offers seminars to help immigrants understand what they need to do.
  • I-601 waiver program: If you married a U.S. citizen, recent changes in the law make it possible for you to obtain a green card without having to go home or wait for years abroad.
  • Immigration-related criminal issues: If you have any criminal history, it can impact your immigration status. Our lawyers can take steps to resolve your criminal case in a way that does not compromise your immigration status. Even if you have already closed your criminal case, you should still talk to our attorneys to make sure it will not affect your immigration status.
  • Family law-related issues: We assist with family law issues of all types, from dissolving marriages to amending birth certificates and name changes.

Free Consultation With Taylor Lee & Associates LLC

For assistance with an immigration matter in the Atlanta area, call our Norcross, Georgia, office at 770-441-4807 or 800-440-7601. You can also reach us online. Hablamos español.