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No one wants to sit in jail, but sometimes that is the safest thing an immigrant can do. If a non-citizen is arrested for a deportable crime, federal immigration officials will take him or her into ICE custody upon release from the local jail. The person could be taken to a federal detention center far away, separated from family for many months, and then deported.

It may be better to deal with the criminal charges first to try to avoid removal (deportation). In other cases, such as serious crimes, you may want to seek an immigration bond. The immigration attorneys of Taylor Lee & Associates LLC can tell you what is the best thing to do in your case.

Before You Bond Out Of Jail ... Talk To A Lawyer First!

Many immigrants make the mistake of getting out of jail on bond after an arrest for a minor crime. Certain "minor" crimes, such as theft or drug possession or domestic assault, can be deportable crimes under U.S. immigration law. A conviction for such crimes requires mandatory detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The agency will often place a "detainer" or "immigration hold" on an accused person who is not a citizen or lawful resident of the U.S.

Taylor Lee & Associates is an immigration law firm serving immigrants in Metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia. We have helped many clients address criminal charges in a way that prevents ICE detention and removal proceedings. We try to dismiss the charge or get it reduced to a lesser offense that is not a deportable crime. Sometimes, we can negotiate an alternative that prevents a conviction.

The important thing is to speak to an attorney BEFORE posting bond to get a family member out of jail. It may be impossible to "undo" the damage of a premature release.

Immigration Bonds For Serious Crimes

If ICE has placed a hold on an immigrant, or if ICE has already taken your family member into custody, we can represent you in a bond hearing. Our attorneys will argue that your loved one is eligible for release, and we will try to get the lowest immigration bond possible.

Unlike lesser crimes, it is usually desirable to get out on bond for major crimes such as drug trafficking or assault with a deadly weapon that carry years of prison time. An immigration bond is (a) a promise to appear in court and (b) a promise to surrender if an immigration court orders removal. The person can stay in the U.S. while the criminal case is pending, including appeals.

Contact Experienced Immigration Lawyers

We can help when we are involved early in the case. Please call our Atlanta immigration bond attorneys at 770-441-4807 or 800-440-7601 or email us. Hablamos español.