Over the years, Taylor Lee & Associates LLC has excelled and obtained numerous achievements:

  • Attorneys from Taylor Lee & Associates travel around the state of Georgia on a regular basis to inform the community and ensure that local governments behave properly in their treatment of undocumented immigrants.
  • Taylor Lee & Associates is honored to have been the recipient of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund's (MALDEF) Excellence in Legal Service Award for 2007.
  • In January 2007, Taylor Lee & Associates sued Cherokee County in Georgia in federal court, with a legal team comprised of the ACLU, MALDEF and Troutman Sanders, and negotiated a consent injunction halting the implementation and enforcement of a grossly unconstitutional law aimed at preventing undocumented immigrants from renting housing in Cherokee County.
  • Taylor Lee & Associates has represented several governments in Latin America, including Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.
  • Taylor Lee & Associates has represented numerous high-profile clients, including Yogi and Panda, Jessica Colotl and the Reverend Joseph Lowery.