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¿Por qué se está tardando más tiempo en llegar mi permiso de trabajo?

¿Por qué se está tardando más tiempo en llegar mi permiso de trabajo?

¿Puede DACA ayudarle a asegurar la residencia para los próximos dos años?

Muchos inmigrantes de Georgia han sido capaces de aprovechar un programa iniciado por la administración presidencial anterior en junio de 2012 con el objetivo de ayudar a ciertos inmigrantes a evitar la deportación. Si bien el futuro de este programa está en duda bajo el Presidente Trump, su situación no ha cambiado. Si usted ingresó a los Estados Unidos como un bebé o un menor de edad y terminó en una situación donde los funcionarios cuestionan su estatus legal, usted puede ser capaz de detener el proceso de deportación y recibir permiso especial para continuar viviendo y trabajando aquí.

Immigrant victims of domestic violence can remain in the U.S.

Domestic violence is one of the worst experiences that someone can go through. Often, victims do not know where to turn, because they are afraid of further angering their abusive partner. It can leave you feeling hopeless and alone.

The new immigrants: Foreign-born and tech-savvy

Silicon Valley is benefitting from educated and tech-savvy entrepreneurs and the government is taking notice. Citing a need for more innovative people who can help develop unique companies, and thereby stimulate the economy, the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS), has proposed a change to the current immigration laws.

Georgia immigration law not working for anyone

Despite what many people may think, the majority of illegal (or undocumented) immigrants have jobs and earn a living for their families. They are industrious, and take jobs many Americans find menial. These jobs include being cooks, gardeners, janitors, and migrant farm workers. Georgia law HB 47 was enacted to help the state get rid of illegal immigrants. But is it a good idea?

How to help a family member become a permanent resident

If you are a lawful permanent resident (commonly called a green card holder), you may be able to help your relatives become permanent residents, too. This would allow them to come to the U.S. and begin living and working here legally.

Learn about the new naturalization test for Spanish speakers

Becoming an American citizen is not easy. One of the many challenges you face is passing the naturalization test. For those who speak fluent English, passing the test is tough enough. It is even tougher for those whose first language is Spanish.

How to get a green card and the benefits that go with it

If you aren't a green card holder (a legal permanent resident), you face many challenges. You may have great trouble finding a job. You may not be able to rent a place to live. You won't be able to sponsor family members to come to America. Most importantly, you may be deported from the U.S.

What you should know about immigration laws in Georgia

Sadly, many immigrants face a host of difficulties on their way to becoming full citizens, especially here in Georgia, where laws governing immigration have become stricter in recent years. So, it's incredibly important to be aware of potential issues that are unique to the Peach State.

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