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Ready to invest? Here's what you need as a foreign party

Many people from around the world want to invest in American business, but there are some difficulties to overcome first. One of the programs you may need to participate in if you wish to invest is the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. This is a program that allows you to apply for a green card if you make a necessary investment into a commercial business within America and intend to create at least 10 permanent full-time jobs for workers within the United States who are qualified for the positions.

Get the help you need when applying for residency

For many immigrants to the United States, finding an employer who can help them obtain an employment visa may seem like a golden ticket. Unfortunately, even for employers who want to offer an employment visa to an individual, the process is a complex one, and does not always come out the way the employer or the hopeful employee would like. Seeking a permanent employment-based immigration can be a frustrating process and can require a great deal of preparation.

Will H1-B visa holders be safe under a Trump administration?

Since the election of Donald Trump, whose campaign contained a good deal of anti-immigrant rhetoric, people of all nationalities who are living and working in the U.S. are understandably nervous as they wait to find out how much of that rhetoric will result in action that could endanger their place in this country.

The fate of many immigrant tech workers hangs on the election

The outcome of next week's presidential election could have a significant impact on the lives of many immigrants here in Georgia and the rest of the country. A number of undocumented immigrants who came here with their families when they were still children have been allowed to stay in this country and get Social Security numbers, IDs and the work permits they need to go to school and get a job under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program without fear of being "discovered" and deported. The program was implemented by President Obama.

What are Treaty Trader and Treaty Investor visas?

There are two types of visas for people from other countries who come to the U.S. to develop, direct and work in enterprises that involve a substantial amount of trade. These are called Treaty Trader, or E-1 visas and Treaty Investor, or E-2 visas. To obtain one of these, a person must be a citizen of a country that maintains commerce and navigation treaties with the U.S.

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