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You can fight against deportation due to criminal activity

Legal immigrants may feel that they are entitled to be in the country, but the truth is that there are some crimes that could result in deportation even if you're here with all the right documents. You don't need to be undocumented to be deported for a crime.

Un cargo de felonia agravada puede cambiar su vida para siempre

Probablemente usted está muy atento últimamente, con los informes de los medios sobre asuntos de inmigración, usted puede temer que su estado en este país es inestable, en el mejor de los casos, incluso si usted está aquí legalmente a través de uno de los muchos programas de visa de Inmigración de los Estados Unidos, o incluso si ha calificado para el estatus de asilo. Usted puede tener amigos o miembros de la familia que se han enfrentado a la remoción por razones que parecen menores para usted y el resultado es la separación de sus seres queridos.

A DUI can threaten your life in America

You've always been very careful about how you act in the United States, because you know certain actions could lead to deportation. Now, you're worried about your future, because you've been accused of drunk driving. You know you face heavy penalties, but do those penalties include deportation?

Even small charges can lead to deportation

It is often difficult for non-citizens living in the United States to get a firm grasp on what may or may not threaten their ability to remain here in the country. This can even vary from state to state, and in many cases, agencies that enforce immigration law become overzealous and may act to deport an individual unjustly. The truth is that the law surrounding immigration and criminal charges can be vague, but it is still the law, not a deck of Tarot cards or tea leaves to be read.

Crimes of moral turpitude: Immigrants need a strong defense

There are certain crimes that, if committed by a non-immigrant, are generally considered fairly minor from the legal standpoint. However, if an immigrant commits the same crime, it could be grounds for deportation. If you're an immigrant, this is what you should know.

New executive order expands who might be deported

It has been an exceptionally difficult season for immigrant communities in Georgia and around the country, and it does not look like things will be getting much easier any time soon. Right here in the Atlanta area, Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently performed "targeted raids" along Buford Highway, detaining around 40 individuals. Under the new, expanded standards for detaining and deporting immigrants, ICE is reportedly picking up individuals who have any kind of violation on their records, not only violent offenses. According to some sources, even those around them may be in danger of being detained and deported.

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