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Ready to invest? Here's what you need as a foreign party

Many people from around the world want to invest in American business, but there are some difficulties to overcome first. One of the programs you may need to participate in if you wish to invest is the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. This is a program that allows you to apply for a green card if you make a necessary investment into a commercial business within America and intend to create at least 10 permanent full-time jobs for workers within the United States who are qualified for the positions.

The EB-5 program started in 1990 and is intended to help stimulate the American economy. Its goal is to bring in foreign investors who wish to create jobs for the American people.

What do immigrant children worry about?

Immigration can be hard on kids. Have you ever wondered what they worry about, even when they live in the U.S.? For kids who have immigrated and those whose parents have immigrated, their fears can be surprisingly adult.

For example, one child talked about being afraid of deportation to Mexico. That child noted that he or she was from the United States, not Mexico, and did not speak any Spanish, but only English.

How might a government shutdown affect immigration?

You may have heard recently that the government is facing another possible shutdown. This can mean many things for each individual government agency and department, because each one operates a little differently. Also, under a government shutdown, there are still "essential workers" in most agencies who would still continue to work. Even though Congress narrowly avoided a shutdown a few weeks ago, the news is already talking about another potential shutdown soon. So what might that mean for immigration issues?

If you are currently applying to immigrate to the United States for employment, many of those services would continue to be available, primarily because the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is funded in large part through the fees it collects from users. However, some aspects of an application require the cooperation of other departments, such as the Department of Labor (DOL), which may shut down entirely. Similarly, some agencies may technically continue operations, but if the office is located in a building that does not continue to operate during the shutdown, then services may stop for a time.

Minor immigrants and special status: who's eligible?

The children of Georgia immigrants already face a host of legal concerns, yet they are particularly vulnerable when facing issues such as abuse or neglect. These children deserve protection and care, and there are legal options by which they can secure the help and security they deserve.

If you are under the age of 18 and are residing in the United States with no legal status, you may be eligible for Special Immigrant Juvenile status. This step is appropriate for you if you are currently facing the threat of removal and yet have virtually no family support due to neglect, abuse and other issues.

The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 can make a difference to you

Your happiest moment was bringing your child into the world, but you certainly didn't expect to do so while out of the country. You know your child has a right to become a U.S. citizen, but do you have to exercise that right? What steps do you need to take to make sure your child is a citizen of your home country? You should speak with your attorney about the Child Citizenship Act of 2000.

What should you know about the Child Citizenship Act of 2000?

Where can I go if my life is in danger?

Many people come to the United States to visit family, to find work or for various other reasons. No matter what brought you to this country, if you are dreading the return to your homeland, you may feel that time here is precious. You are likely looking for a way to avoid returning to the place where you feel persecuted or abused.

Hundreds of thousands of people seek asylum in the United States when their lives or well-beings are in danger. In fact, pending asylum cases often overwhelm the U.S. immigration system, creating a long waiting period for those seeking refuge. However, your safety and the safety of your family may compel you to seek that protection anyway.

Tips to make immigration go smoothly

Immigration is daunting and intimidating. You've read all about the ways that things can go wrong and how challenging it can be.

While this is a complex process, it doesn't have to be frightening, and it can go quite smoothly. Below are a few key tips that you can use to make sure that it does.

Even small charges can lead to deportation

It is often difficult for non-citizens living in the United States to get a firm grasp on what may or may not threaten their ability to remain here in the country. This can even vary from state to state, and in many cases, agencies that enforce immigration law become overzealous and may act to deport an individual unjustly. The truth is that the law surrounding immigration and criminal charges can be vague, but it is still the law, not a deck of Tarot cards or tea leaves to be read.

What may surprise many people is that, in a lot of cases, the severity of a charge is often less relevant to their immigration status than the kind of charges they face. While many legal authorities oppose the practice, Congress passed legislation in 1998 detailing a list of charges called "aggravated felonies" that can trigger a deportation. In the two decades since aggravated felonies were introduced, the list has expanded significantly, and continues to do so. The strange part is that many of these charges would merely be misdemeanors for full-fledged citizens. Aggravated felonies can include relatively small things such as failing to appear in court, or filing your taxes fraudulently.

Hiring an immigration attorney can help you get answers

You came to the United States legally, and you want to make sure you can continue to live here without concern. You may want to speak with an immigration attorney, so you can make sure you abide by all immigration laws in the United States.

What does an immigration attorney do?

Will your kids have a better life in the United States?

One of the biggest reasons that people immigrate to the United States is that they think it can help give them a better life, not just for themselves, but also for their children. Is this a reality, or just a myth that keeps being repeated?

A study carried out in the last few years suggests that it is a reality, that those who immigrate to the U.S. do tend to feel like their lives are better than if they'd not come. The study was done by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It was then reported by National Public Radio, among others.

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